The Fifty Miracle Principles of A Course in Miracles
by Kenneth Wapnick

Principle 28

Miracles are a way of earning release from fear. Revelation induces a state in which fear 
has already been abolished. Miracles are thus a means and revelation is an end.

Obviously, it does not mean "earning"; it is really a way of achieving release from fear. A distinction is being made between revelation and miracle. When we have a revelation, in that instant there is absolutely no fear in us whatsoever. Something in us has made a total shift, and we are totally open to God. That does not last, however. If it did, we would not be here. Revelations are temporary, and then we will revert to whatever ego issues are still present.

Q: Are those like holy instants?

A: Well, it would be like a full holy instant.

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