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The Most Commonly Asked Questions about A Course in Miracles.

Most importantly, for on-going as well as archived answers to questions submitted by students of ACIM all over the world, visit the on-line "Electronic Outreach" of the Foundation for A Course in Miracles
Now, about finding a live discussion group in your area, below we  give information to help with that. But first we want to say that we're not very enthusiastic about ACIM groups even though we have helped to facilitate one such group on the Internet. It's not so hard to find a group as it is to find one that will really be helpful to one's understanding and practice of the Course. In our opinion, ACIM is first and foremost, an individual self-study Course which requires dedicated personal effort and willingness to enter into an intimate relationship with the voice that speaks from the pages of the Course itself. This is not to say that a teacher or a group cannot be helpful, but study groups and teachers can also be misleading and confusing.

The best and most helpful teacher we know of is Kenneth Wapnick, who was a very close friend of Helen Schucman, and who helped prepare the Course for publication. Ken has been on the board of the Foundation for Inner Peace (FIP) from the beginning. Perhaps you know that FIP has been responsible for publishing and distributing the Course. Later, Ken and his wife Gloria established the Foundation for A Course in Miracles (FACIM) which is sister to FIP and responsible for teaching about the Course. If you haven't already done so, you might like to visit the FACIM Web site at: where you'll find a wealth of teaching materials, and, at some point, you might like to attend a class at the Foundation which is located in Temecula, California. The schedule of classes and workshops is at:

You can obtain a free subscription to the Lighthouse, which is the quarterly newsletter of the Foundation, by going to the Web page at: and that newsletter is also available in PDF format for download from the FACIM site.

If you like, you can learn more about Ken at the following link:

Finally, to find information about face-to-face study groups in US locations, as well as around the world, go to the miracle studies page on the Web site of the Foundation for Inner Peace at:  On that page, click on the link for Miracle Distribution Center. That will take you to information about how to find a group.

And, while you are at the FIP site, you might like to look around since it contains some interesting and helpful information about the Course.

For information about an on-line discussion group, visit the "Course Talk" home page:

". . .  the Course can and should stand on its own.  It is not
intended to become the basis for another cult.  Its only purpose
is to provide a way in which some people will be able to find
their own Internal Teacher" (Preface to the ACIM text, p.viii).

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