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Ken Wapnick

By Joe Jesseph

I decided to publish this Web site of links to information about Ken Wapnick along with links to excerpts from some of his writings because I have seen on the Internet much misinformation about him, who he is and what he teaches.  I did not ask Ken for permission to publish a site specifically about him, but I do have his permission to reproduce on the Internet certain excerpts from his writings which I thought might be helpful and of interest to readers. Those writings constitute the bulk of material comprising the Miracle Studies Web site.
I once told Ken that I thought his biography should be published.  He said that Helen Schucman (scribe of A Course in Miracles as well as his loving colleague and friend) had once asked him to write an autobiography, which he did, but then he decided there was no good reason to publish it.  At that time he simply told me "We (meaning he and his wife Gloria) are not important." While I understand what he meant -- "We are not special" -- I nevertheless think it important that accurate informaiton about Ken be avialable on the Internet since he is a prominent figure and, as I said, there is much misunderstanding and misinformation about him on the Web already.

From time to time, as it seemed appropriate in connection with a book about A Course in Miracles, Ken has written some accounts of his personal life and spiritual journey.  In addition, he and Gloria have permitted themselves to be interviewed and the results published.  On this page I am offering links to some of that material along with a link to certain excerpts from Ken's writings about the Course itself.

While Ken may not regard his person as important, in my eyes and those of many others who are  acquainted with him, what is important about Ken is his sincere and continuing dedication to Jesus and his Course. This dedication has required that he be both a writer and teacher, and has brought him into a public prominence which I'm sure he never sought and would have been horrified to contemplate in younger years before he found A Course in Miracles.  He is now clearly the world's leading authority on the Course, the most widely published author of books about the Course, and, in my opinion at least, a wonderful teacher of God by example as well as by the agency of words.

In my opinion Ken is a living example of one who has responded to Jesus' request as found in the Course:

For this alone I need; that you will hear the words I speak, and give them to the world.
You are my voice, my eyes, my feet, my hands through which I save the world. (W-pI.rV.IN. 9:2-3)
He embodies the fulfillment of this prayer (not unlike the famous prayer attributed to St. Francis) found early in the ACIM Text:
I am here only to be truly helpful.
I am here to represent Him Who sent me.
I do not have to worry about what to say or
what to do, because He Who sent me will direct me.
I am content to be wherever He wishes, knowing
He goes there with me.
I will be healed as I let Him teach me to heal.
I have been personally acquainted with Ken since 1988 and served with him on the staff of the Foundation for A Course in Miracles from 1989 to 1992.  Since that time I have continued to stay in touch with him and to offer volunteer services to the Foundation, primarily in connection with the Internet, to add a little more candle power to the beacon of the Lighthouse, which is the logo and symbol of the Foundation as well as the title of its newsletter.

While I do not regard Ken as special, I do regard him as a teacher who has been faithful to his calling.

Every good teacher hopes to give his students so much of his own
learning that they will one day no longer need him.
This is the one true goal of the teacher.   (T-4.I.5:1-2)

In gratitude,

Joe Jesseph
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