The Fifty Miracle Principles of A Course in Miracles
by Kenneth Wapnick

Principle 30

By recognizing spirit, miracles adjust the levels of perception and show them in proper alignment. 
This places spirit at the center, where it can communicate directly.

Principle 30 is the same as Principle 23. Basically, the miracle shows us that the problem is not in the body -- it is in the mind. It is a problem of our guilt, and our guilt is a defense against the love that we really are. Therefore, the true center of our being is not the ego. It is not guilt; it is spirit. The Course teaches us that perception is an interpretation, not a fact. We see what we want to see or what we need to see -- like hearing or seeing water in a desert. We cannot change the world, but we can change how we look at it. We replace the guilt of our egos, which we have made real, with the reality of our Identity as spirit, which the Holy Spirit is continually reminding us of.

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