O You who came in winter and who left
    Among the lilies, stay with me and fill
    My eyes with glory, and my heart with love
    That smiles forever on the world You saw,
    And that You loved as You would have me love.
    For with this vision I will look on You,
    And recognize my Savior in all things
    I did not understand. Now is the world
    Reborn in me because I share Your Love.
    Now in my healed and holy mind there dawns
    The memory of God. And now I rise
    To Him in all the loveliness I knew
    When I was first created one with You.

                 By Helen Schucman,
                 January 1, 1974
                 From The Gifts of God©, pp. 82-3,
                 Published by the Foundation for Inner Peace
                 Reproduced here with permission

Reproduced with the kind permission of the
Foundation for A Course in Miracles
which holds copyright  in this work, ©1982

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