Question 66 from
The Most Commonly Asked Questions About 
A Course in Miracles

By Gloria and Kenneth Wapnick, Ph.D.


66) I have need for a psychotherapist, but I only want a therapist who is a student of A Course in Miracles, or at least is familiar with it and sympathetic to its teachings. What should I do?

As a therapist, I (Kenneth) am frequently asked by Course students around the country to recommend a therapist who is a student of A Course in Miracles.  My response is usually something to the effect of: "If you require surgery, would you want someone who is a Course surgeon, or someone who is a fine surgeon?" Similarly, what any person wants who requires therapy is someone who is well trained and supervised, and is a person that can be related to and trusted. There are relatively few students of A Course in Miracles who meet these qualifications of a psychotherapist, when compared to the majority of professional therapists that are available.  Simply being a student of the Course and "asking" the Holy Spirit for guidance to help others is hardly sufficient, especially given the amount of specialness that is usually present in such "therapists," a situation we have commented on before.

Therefore, if a student of the Course finds a professional therapist who is also a student of A Course in Miracles, all well and good. But if that student truly needs a sensitive and competent psychotherapist, a therapist's lack of background in the Course should hardly be a consideration against choosing such a therapist for oneself. Students seeking therapy should be wary of "training programs" in psychotherapy that are run by non-professional Course students, who then recommend these "trainees" to others; or those who have referral lists of "Course therapists." Once again, you do not want a person to cut open your stomach who has been trained by other students of the Course, but rather a trained and competent surgeon who has been trained by other trained and competent physicians. It should not be any different in choosing a therapist to help with a personal problem. Legitimate training programs in psychotherapy may not be free from the ego's thought system, as Jesus points out in the pamphlet "Psychotherapy: Purpose, Process and Practice" (P-3.II.2:2-4) [Note that this pamphlet is now included in the Third Edition of ACIM], but they at least guarantee a certain amount of training and supervised experience that form a solid foundation of expertise that ensures that the patient is in competent professional hands. One can be very effectively helped to overcome ego blocks by a therapist who is not a student of A Course in Miracles, or of any other spiritual path for that matter.

Reproduced with the kind permission of Gloria and Kenneth
Wapnick and the Foundation for A Course in Miracles

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